Sound examples / demo

Our sound examples (demo)

All sound samples (demos) in mp3 format are created by using our offered
MIDI files.


For better presentation, both the demos of the mp3 playbacks and our Midifiles are run as mp3's. This avoids serious sound differences from different sound cards.

The mp3 demo has a lower, constant bitrate of 160 or 192 kbps compared to the mp3 playbacks offered. On each detail page the titles are provided for listening and downloading. The mp3 demos do not contain lyrics.

To listen directly, under "Additional product information", simply click "Download". To listen and save with a mobile communication device, please refer to the operating instructions of the respective device.


One more tip:
Next to the "Description" tab there is the tab "Excerpt". Click "Excerpt" and a shortened text of the song is displayed. Actually right to sing along.


If you use the same or similar sound modules and keyboards, the MIDI files will sound just as great in your home as you hear in our sound samples. However, keep in mind that this is always dependent on your own sound source and settings, and there may be slight variations in the sound. Of course, your own hearing adapts plays an important role here as well.

If you are unsure whether our MIDI files are sounding at you, we would be happy to send you a demo in the desired MIDI file format (please specify) to your e-mail address on request.

Again our note:
The original MIDI files that we have produced are used for all demos.

mp3-playback with lyrics:

With this demo file, you can test your own system --> (Click)
Zip file simply download and save.


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