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bonmidi music

offers professional and top arranged MIDI files in XG, XF, Genos (Yamaha) and GM, GS (Roland, Korg, Ketron, etc) as well as playback songs (mp3). MIDI files with lyrics (Karaoke) and mp3 backing tracks for all generations in the download. New recorded MIDI files and mp3-playbacks based on your preferences.

Here will find unique guaranteed !

Look forward with us on a musical sound experience in the online-shop of bonmidi music.

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Midi formats: Midi-gm-gs Midi-xg-xf Midi-genos  
MP3 formats: mp3-woM mp3-wM mp3-genos-woM mp3-genos-wM

Tip on the background color in the title description:  Gold = Midi  Blue = mp3 .


Alla Hopp - Bernd Wittmann   - 5 Pfälzer - Midi mp3
Diese Sünde würde Gott verz - Schlagerpiloten Midi mp3
Macht die Welt net kaputt - Adam & die Mickys Midi mp3
Sweet Love - Rudy de Wit  (Lyrics in NL,D,E) Midi mp3
Nun sagen wir auf Wiedersehn - Die Ladiner Midi mp3
Des krie mer schun hie - GooGs Midi mp3
Dann zieh ich meine Blue Jeans an - D.Alfinito Midi mp3

... and more new titles see categories "MIDI files (New)" and "mp3-playbacks (NEW)".

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