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Which MIDI file format do I need for my keyboard

midi-gm-gs    midi-xg-xf    midi-genos

GM GS or XG XF or Genos
MIDI file formats according to your equipment

Keyboards and sound modules
Selection of the MIDI file format
 Roland, Korg, Ketron and other:
Midi-Format:  GM-GS
 Yamaha Tyros, PSR:
Midi-Format:  XG-XF
Yamaha Genos:
Midi-Formats:  Genos and XG-XF
midi-genos  midi-xg-xf

For the new Yamaha Genos there are
MIDI files with its own format.
These are specifically customized XG XF MIDI files.

Simply select "Genos" from the MIDI file format.
All our XG XF MIDI files are also running on the Genos !

Additional Information:
The information behind the MIDI file format
differs depending on the type of MIDI file

with Lyrics- & Vocalist track
MIDI file with lyrics track and arranged vocalist track, add text file to print.
Midi formats XG XF and Genos: additionally with chords track.
Midi format GM GS from 2018 and later: with additional chords track.
with Chords track
Instrumental MIDI file with chords in lyrics track, with text file to print.
The chord display is carried out in the temporal sequence of the Midifiles.
with Lyrics track
MIDI file with lyrics track, as well as text file to print.

Another little tip:
Does your keyboard not recognize or find the Midifile?
Most of the time it helps to shorten the file name !

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